Registered Scottish Charity No. SC 045435

Dalry Parish Boundary Trust is a private trust comprising six trustees. Founded by Community Windpower in 2014, its purpose is to distribute funds for the benefit of residents, voluntary groups and businesses in Dalry parish. Funds provided by Community Windpower Ltd., together with any other donations, shall be used to promote, advance and further the following charitable purposes:

the advancement of education;

the advancement of health;

the advancement of citizenship or community development;

the advancement of the arts, heritage, culture or science;

the advancement of public participation in sport;

the provision of recreational facilities, or the organisation of recreational activities,
with the object of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom
the facilities or activities are primarily intended;

the advancement of environmental protection or improvement;

any other purpose that may reasonably be regarded as analogous
to any of the preceding purposes.

Funds shall not be used for political or religious purposes.

The expression 'charitable purpose' shall mean charitable purpose
under section 7 of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005
which is also regarded as a charitable purpose in relation to
the application of the Taxes Acts.

Individuals or organisations wishing to apply for funding may either
download and complete the appropriate application form:

Application Form (Individual)

Application Form (Organisation)


complete the appropriate online application:

Online Application (Individual)

Online Application (Organisation)

Terms & Conditions - General
1) Dalry Parish Boundary Trust reserves the right to hold personal details of applicants who are assisted through the grant application and/or receive funding. In addition, Dalry Parish Boundary Trust reserves the right to contact applicants stored on their records and by prior arrangement to view, photograph and record details of funded projects or installations.
2) Dalry Parish Boundary Trust reserves the right to use applicants’ information and photographs as case studies for internal reports and promotional material, with personal information (name and contact details) kept confidential and not included in such material.
3) Any images and details of events, projects or installations funded with assistance from Dalry Parish Boundary Trust and Community Windpower Ltd may be required for use on our website, as well as in any promotional material.
4) Applicants who are assisted in making application for energy efficiency installations by Dalry Parish Boundary Trust are required to make available details of fuel bills preceding and following a given installation and allow DPBT to keep a record of energy usage via a carbon calculator.

Terms & Conditions - Renewables
1) Dalry Parish Boundary Trust will only consider funding projects that have received a grant through Energy Saving Scotland Home Renewable (ESShr) or similar and to be decided at the discretion of Dalry Parish Boundary Trust.
2) Funding will be at the discretion of Dalry Parish Boundary Trust who will agree to fund 20% of an approved installation up to a maximum of £1200 per application.
3) Dalry Parish Boundary Trust will only consider funding projects in line with Energy Saving Trust Guidelines, whereby approved installers and accredited products are used. In addition, Dalry Parish Boundary Trust accept no responsibility for quotes, surveys, installation, building works, performance of energy efficiency products or faults.
4) Dalry Parish Boundary Trust will only consider applications where two quotations from approved installers are submitted with the grant application form.
5) Dalry Parish Boundary Trust cannot contribute to retrospective claims (i.e. when the work has previously been competed or before a grant offer letter has been received).
6) Dalry Parish Boundary Trust renewables grants will be paid directly to the applicant on presentation of a works completion certificate, photograph(s) of the installation and customer feedback/reference.
7) Dalry Parish Boundary Trust accept no liability for any installation that may have received funding, nor warrant the effectiveness and/or suitability of such installations.


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